Privacy Policy & Disclosure Policy

I, Alexia P. Bullard, am not responsible for content that has been republished from this blog without my permission.

Whenever I use images that are not mine, I try to include the source. If it is my own image, I try to put my name on it. Any pictures of me that do not have credit are my own. If you choose to share images, content, or information, I ask that you include a link back to the source. I do not give permission for my material to be used without it being sourced or attributed back to me.

If I am ever given compensation in exchange for a review, post, or other form of social media mention, this will be indicated. This compensation may come in the form of money, product, or other form of goods. Any post for which I was compensated in some way will be indicated as such. In social media posts were I am compensated in some way, I plan to use the hashtag “#ad” to indicate this.

This policy is subject to change without notice, and was created October 3, 2015. It was last updated October, 2015.