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Name: Alexia P. Bullard, Booklexia

Occupation: Freelance Content Writer, SEO Copywriter

Race: Human

Class: Bard

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Fast Facts:

Booklexia is a nerdy lifestyle blog. I cover traditional nerdy lifestyle topics – gaming, comics, reading, and clothing – but I also love to talk about career advice, business, marketing, and finance.

You can expect 3 -5 posts per week about the career lifestyle, various things of the nerdy persuasion, and things pertaining to writing for business/businesses.

What’s up with “Booklexia”, though? 

My name is Alexia, but I go by Lexi for short. I found Alexia to be an ironic name for me, considering the fact that I am a voracious reader, and write constantly. Alexia is a disorder characterized by the inability to read or write. So, that is where “Booklexia” comes from.

Some of my goals in life are to drink even more coffee, learn everything possible about my darling H. P. Lovecraft, and to enjoy the little things in life. I fangirl over a lot of things…like books, video games, old sci-fi movies/shows, Firefly, and various other nerdy things. I am a voracious reader, with a preference for horror, Classics, and non-fiction. I love skulls. I drink copious amounts of coffee, and love to bundle myself up in a blanket burrito while watching some Star Trek or other random things.

Let’s connect!

Twitter: @ap_bullard ; @booklexia
Instagram: @booklexia
Facebook: http://facebook.com/booklexia

 This blog is about my life, adventures, and my geekery. I hope you enjoy it!

Booklexia-Alexia P. Bullard, Copywriter, Marketing Copywriter



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