Book Review: Eos, by Elegy Goldsmith

How far would YOU go for love?

ePub edition, 306 pages Published November 4th 2013 ASIN: B00GHVRYJQ  


*** Received complimentary copy from author in exchange for honest review***

I read the synopsis of Elegy Goldsmith’s new book, Eos, and I was immediately intrigued. Word porn, science-fiction, fantasy, complicated romance, and Lovecraftian references – What more does a girl need?

Hesper Fane is at the lowest point in her life. She failed to get her Master’s degree, is forced to work in degrading employment, has to move back in with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. Overall, she feels like she is the very embodiment of failure. Things are even worse when she discovers that her mother’s A-frame, the place Hesper has had her heart set on living in for awhile, is being rented out to a mysterious tenant with a rental agreement that seems far too good to be legitimate.

Hesper is unaware that every little decision she makes has enormous impact on her life, and affects her ultimate destiny. One of these little decisions includes arguing with the man she will soon discover is Altair. This mysterious, irresistibly gorgeous astronomer – with his entrancing black eyes and cryptic demeanor, is the key to a secret beyond anything Hesper could have ever imagined.

Hesper’s journey into the forested area of Ragged Mountain is more than just one of self-discovery. It takes on epic proportions and implications when she finds herself in a world that could have come straight from Lovecraft’s dreams. What follows will not only test her strength of will, but also how much her body and soul can take. As Altair draws her deeper into his world – and his heart  – she is forced to make an incredibly heavy decision that will change her universe forever.

It has been quite a long time since I have read something that drew me in so deeply. I ended up resenting my current state of illness – not for how crappy it makes me feel – but simply because it got in the way of my reading Eos. I mean, come on, when is the is the last time you read about Lovecraftian-esque characters and universes, presented in such an erudite manner? Humor, wit, and diction that I can only describe as “word porn” are the foundation blocks of this novel.

Goldsmith’s gift for imagery is astounding, and my ship of Hesper and Altair was so massive that it put the Black Pearl to shame. He makes literary references of my favorite books and authors (He loves Lovecraft and Neal Stephenson!) Oh, and don’t forget the steamy sex scenes. My glasses fogged right up!

Hesper and Altair, and all of the other characters, have distinct and well-rounded personalities. The character development is impressive, too, as Hersper and Altair truly do grow and feed off of one another. They are deeply and passionately intertwined, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call them co-dependent. That fine line was masterfully crafted by Goldsmith, and only furthered my emotional engagement with the relationship.

Elegy Goldsmith is an incredibly good writer who give surprising depth to both her characters and to the world they live in. The strangeness she plays with is doled out slowly, and the world she introduces to us feels believable and beautiful, and I wanted so badly to go there. Her descriptions of the scenery did more to root me in this fantastical universe than any 50-pages of fantasy scene-setting done by a lesser writer.

Eos calls to me what a literary child of Neal Stephenson and Lovecraft would be like, complete with great and foundational journey narrative. Goldsmith definitely shows some literary ambition that is of a caliber I typically do not come across with newer writers. This is a great read, no matter how much you break it down.

This book receives 5 out of 5 stars from me. All of my fellow nerds/geeks will DEFINITELY not want to miss out on this great title.

Eos may be purchased here:  Amazon 

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