5 Steps for Taking Your Business to Facebook

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Looking to start your business on Facebook? Check this out:

With the advent of social media, it’s almost impossible to find a business that isn’t on Facebook. In fact, with millions of people actively using Facebook each day, businesses that are not on Facebook tend to fall off people’s radars. Starting a business on Facebook has become a key aspect of business marketing.

Need a little help getting started? Keep reading for the First Five steps in starting a business on Facebook.

#1: What Are You?

When you create a Page on Facebook, you will notice that there are different classifications that you can choose from. Each of these classifications will offer up more relevant fields for the Page you are creating. After you decide which classification you will go with, you will be asked to specify an official name for your business’ page. Think carefully, since changing your name and URL later is difficult and tiresome. It is best to have a name that reflects your business.

#2: Give Details

Facebook will automatically walk you through the basic sections that you need to fill out. These are crucial parts of creating your business Page, and are the fundamental aspects of drawing in traffic and potential clients/customers.

If you need more help filling this out, Shopify offers a free trial that will help you to get your business Page up and running in no time!

#3: Have a Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the literal face of who and what you are as a business. It serves as the visual icon of your Page, and will appear in search results and next to any comments you publish as your Page. Any size image can be cropped down to fit, but the best size is around 180 x 180 pixels. If you need help cropping your image, check out free online photo editing sites, such as PicMonkey.

#4: Create Your Content

One of the most critical parts of creating a business on Facebook is to publish noteworthy content to your Page, as well as providing other Facebook users to be part of your community.

When you post to your Page, make sure to use a wide variety of content. This makes it more aesthetically appealing, as well as takes away the predictability factor that many business pages have. Think about what sort of things your audience would like to see. What type of things would they be interested in reading? What type of links does your target audience tend to Share? To make things easier, you can schedule your content posts with social media tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to make sure you always have content being churned out. With these, you can also share related posts and not just be limited to your original content. Furthermore, you can also share from Pinterest  or connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account.

Once you have a good amount of content, invite people to Like your Page. Invite your friends and family, and your colleagues. This will build some initial activity, which you can use to invite supporters from within your network. Use a call-to-action on your posts that will encourage your viewers to engage with your content. Finally, invite your customers! Give them some incentive, and encourage them to engage with the activity happening on your Page.

#5: Keep Track of Your Numbers

Use the Facebook Page analytical tools to keep track of your Page’s Likes, posts, engagements, views, and more. This will tell you what sort of content creates more traffic to your page, and which type of content is more of a weak spot for your business. By keeping track of your numbers, you will be able to figure out what sort of content your viewers are looking for, and you will be better able to accommodate them and grow your business.

What are some of your tips for taking your business to Facebook? Have you found anything that worked really well for you? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this to help others.

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