3 Ways To Use SEO In Your Next Post

If you have spent any fair amount of time on the internet, especially in the business and marketing circles, you have more than likely come across the phrase “SEO.” You have probably heard all about how you need to pay attention to this SEO stuff, and have heard that it can increase your views.

Well, that’s great. Umm…What is it?

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Use these SEO strategies in your next blog post!

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process by which the visibility of a website, blog, or other type of page is affected and ranked within the unpaid results of any given search engine. More often than not, people focus on getting those Google rankings.

Making SEO Work For YOU

Okay. That’s great. But, why should you care about SEO?

Research has shown that 75% of all users never even scroll (or click) past the first page of search engine results.

In order to have truly successful marketing, or to even just improve your internet promotional skills, it’s imperative that you have at least a basic understanding of the foundational basics of search engine optimization to pair with effective internet marketing techniques.

On any given web page, there are several ways in which you can easily incorporate SEO techniques in order to improve your views and search engine rankings.

#1: The title:

When you’re coming up with a catchy titles that will get viewers to engage with your post, you will want to include keywords or key phrases.

Think of what you would most likely do a Google search for when you’re researching a particular topic. How do you think people would most likely phrase that search term? Your answer is what you will use to craft your title.

While this isn’t necessary for every single post you make – thought it certainly wouldn’t hurt  – you should try to do this for your most important posts.

Example: Rockin’ Those Scarves
Better Idea: 5 Easy Ways to Style Scarves This Fall

While you may be able to come up with something a bit more compelling, the second example is a properly formatted and worded title. This will help you out when it comes to SEO and digital marketing practices. Not only will it make your title show up on the actual post page, but it will also appear in your browser’s title bar.

In order to maximize the promotional and marketing impact of your title, you want it to be the very first thing that shows up in your browser address bar. Some sites format this differently than others, so you want to make sure you change it to read:

Title of Post: Name of your Site

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Writing a blog post? Don’t forget your SEO!

#2: Post Content

This brings us to the next part of search engine optimization and digital marketing: The content itself.

You can use all of the best SEO practices that have ever been discovered/invented. However, not one of them will matter if your content does not provide some value to your readers. Who is going to waste time muddling through a bunch of random nonsense that doesn’t benefit them?

When you are crafting your post, try to keep in mind the fact that it’s best to include popular search terms within the post. Don’t go stuffing the article full of keywords and turning into vernacular diarrhea. Instead, thread the search terms fluidly throughout the post. This will make it seem less like sales content. It will also seem less spammy to the Google filters.

#3: Images

Images are a fantastic way to spruce up your post content AND use SEO techniques.
Don’t forget that Google can also search for your images in the same way that it does your written content. This is done in a different way than a human would do it, though, so it’s best to title your images in terms of SEO.

Not That Great: IMG_42.jpg
Much Better: man-eating-peanuts

This way, Google will be better able to search through your images in a similar way to when it searches through your written content. Plus, it’s helpful when you’re using visually focused social media sites, like Pinterest.

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Make sure your site is optimized for both PC and mobile

These are just some simple ways to employ SEO within any given blog post or site post. Combine these steps with business acumen, and you will see a definite increase in your site traffic. Take it a step further by hiring a copywriter to help you out with engaging content that will increase your views, as well as convert viewers into customers.

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