3 Strategies For Boosting Website Traffic

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Do you spend hours tweaking the content on your site, blog, and newsletters…and still don’t get traffic? Never get in a lot of new customers because you aren’t driving site traffic? Then check out these 3 simple strategies to boost website traffic!

Boost Your Site Traffic – Fast!

Customers are busy people, and they are inundated with advertisements for various sites. So, if your website and product/service doesn’t hit them smack in the forehead with an immediate need, those sales won’t happen.

Often, you have people browsing your site and then they bounce off to click on something else. And you learn nothing about why your idea didn’t work.

Then you feel stuck trying to figure out what to do. Meanwhile, other companies who know these 3 strategies are getting the customers and seeing their numbers growing.

These Strategies Get The Customers

Okay, okay.

I’m getting to them now.

Here are three great strategies that will boost your website traffic and bring in those customers.

# 1: Keep Up With Social Media

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Having a strong media presence will boost your increase traffic and boost sales.

97% of business professionals claim social media marketing has grown their business. [1]

Since social media is mostly viewed on mobile devices these days, make sure your social ad campaigns are optimized for mobile.

  • Use hashtags

    These little guys are a great way to get new customers and target individuals that are interested in your product or service.
  • Flash sale
    Announcing that you will be having a flash sale within the next couple of weeks will keep people interested. They will keep coming back to check for updates and to see if the sale has started.
  • Offer coupons or discounts

    Advertise coupons or discounts to people who like AND follow your page on social media. Have them SHARE a post for additional savings. This will keep customers engaged, as well as bring in new traffic.
  • Don’t forget the pictures

    People like looking at pretty pictures. Visual posts are a lot easier to engage with than a full sheet of text. Eyes are drawn by an image, and people are more likely to scroll through text. Break up big chunks of words with a related image.
  • Competitions
    Giveaways, caption contests, and other such competitions are a great way to engage current customers and gain new fans. Try a competition on your various social media accounts. Include a sign up page, or a LIKE and SHARE to enter requirement.
  • Interact
    Remember that online customers are real people. They like to be talked to and engaged with, just like you would in-person.  Click to Tweet!

    Post statuses that back up your business’ core philosophy. Respond to comments and re-shares. Do what it takes to address customer needs. Deliver the latest news , information, and current trends about your brand and service. If a person does not see the value in your product or service, they will not become a customer.

# 2: Promote, Promote, Promote

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Here are some simple ways to promote your business without spending much:

  • Revamp your website
    Your business may not be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but your website is. Make sure it’s worth looking at.In the first quarter of last year, 78% of those 15 years of age and older shopped online. [2]Make sure your website is better than that of your competition. It’s hard to sell plain coffee if there is a Starbucks across the street!
  • Email is still around
    Email is a simple – and cheap – way to increase sales and loyal customers.Add a subscribe form on your site and Facebook page. Include one on your checkout page or Contact Us page. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, place a sign-up form at the checkout counter.Give customers special offers for signing up. This will give them incentive and demonstrates your value.Create a simple email schedule that you can follow. Stick to it.But, don’t overdo it. That will be annoying, and will likely turn people away. Once per week, or twice per month is the sweet spot.
  • Get a Twitter
    Use your Twitter account frequently. Spread the word, and encourage your customers to follow you.Have giveaways. Host competitions and Twitter chats. Encourage discussion. In other words, ENGAGE with your customers. Not only will this increase the sales from your current customers, but it will also bring in new traffic.
  • Business cards are still a thing.
    Use them.
    Make sure they are as impressive as possible, and that they reflect the core of your business. If your business is light and playful, you want to shy away from something sterile and serious. However, opt for something crisp and professional when you have a serious business.Leave your card in relevant and random places. When you meet someone new, introduce yourself while handing them your card. Leave them on the checkout counter, or front desk. Leave some on community billboards. Cast a wide net, and you will catch a lot of fish.

# 3: Optimize your site for Google
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Ranking well on Google can be a challenge. Even the most basic SEO practices will help you reach grow your traffic.

75% of users never even scroll past the first page of search results [3]. This is where you want to be.

  • Use keywords effectively
    Identify your top keywords, such as “PC Repair” for computer repair shops.Add keywords to your homepage headline, and the first paragraph.Include keywords in your page title and meta tags (the description).
  • Use links
    Link your new post to older, related postsUse Pinterest to pint your post using your title or meta tag, which includes the keywords.Share your posts across various social platforms, adding a unique and compelling description that includes your keywords.Make sure your site has functioning social sharing buttons. This enables customers and site visitors to easily share your content.


Please share this post with other business owners, so they can increase their site traffic as well. Not only will this help them out, but it will also create a great connection for you. You’ll be helping them out, and they will be likely to return the favor!


[1] http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/SocialMediaMarketingIndustryReport2013.pdf
2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

[2] http://www.businessinsider.com/the-surprising-demographics-of-who-shops-online-and-on-mobile-2014-6
The Surprising Facts About Who Shops Online and On Mobile

[3] http://blog.hubspot.com/insiders/inbound-marketing-stats
10 Stats About Inbound Marketing That Will Make Your Jaw Drop




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