Is Your Lack of Reading Affecting Your Success?

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You can probably tell by now that I absolutely love to read. I have been a bibliophile since I started reading when I was two. The moment I truly started reading was the moment the world truly opened up for me. I could immerse myself in information, fantasies, and silly stories that I found among the pages. Reading is an adventure, as well as something that plays a critical role in your success. That’s right: You need to read in order to be more successful.

#1: Reading Inspires

Fiction provides myriad worlds in which people overcome adversity, have adventures, fall in love, have zany experiences, and even die tragic deaths. While that last bit may not be the best motivator for real-world situations, it can have as much inspiration as the rest of the list. Are you trying to write something, but having a creative block? Take a hint from the book you are currently reading.

Infinite Jest, 10 steps to starting a book club, book club, reading, novels, books
Infinite Jest is one of my favorite novels!

Non-fiction gives insight into how those who are successful in any given field are doing things. Furthermore, non-fiction books offer inspiration, motivation, success tips, and valuable information that has the potential to shift your entire paradigm. Books can change how you look at the world, if you give them a chance.

#2: They Relax You

Numerous studies have been conducted, proving the fact that reading reduces stress. In some studies, reading was found to decrease stress levels by an impressive 68 percent. After a long day at work, or even after dealing with a particularly stressful situation, escape into a good book (regardless of genre) to lower your stress. Lowering your stress levels will also help to stave off numerous health issues.

#3: They Expand Your Vocabulary

reading increases your vocabulary
Expand your vocabulary with reading.

One of the best ways to improve your lexicon is to increase your reading. Fiction books can certainly help in this regard (Infinite Jest, anyone?), though non-fiction books are more likely to have useful words that you may have not heard before. Having a strong vocabulary will make you more successful in a wide variety of situations, especially when it comes to your career. Your boss will be impressed when you nail that presentation and sales pitch with interesting and intelligent descriptions.

#4: Reading Increases Your Knowledge

Reading will make you smarter. Taking in extra information by reading a wide variety of books is an excellent way to give your intelligence a boost. Additionally, you will be a better conversationalist, as you will have more interesting things to share with the person you are speaking to. The stats of the most recent football game can certainly be a fun topic of conversation (I like the 49ers), but sharing something you read and relating it to the current topic of conversation will make you seem more interesting.

#5: Reading Improves Your Memory

The brain is a muscle and, as such, needs to have frequent workouts. The old adage, “Use it, or lose it” has quite a bit of truth to it. If you do not work your muscles, they atrophy. The same thing happens to your brain. If you increase the amount you read, then you will take in more information and improve your memory and recall. Keep the adverse effects of aging at bay by cracking open a book.

Reading is not just a fun way to pass the time. Clearly, there are numerous benefits to increasing how much you read. For those of you looking to improve your career success, reading more will prove to be incredibly helpful.

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