Experts Weigh In: Drink More Coffee!

A. P. Bullard - Drink More Coffee A recent article, written by Roberto A. Ferdman for the Washington Post, summarized the recent findings found by the nation’s stop nutritional panel. On Thursday, the panel shared its latest dietary findings, including the ruling on whether coffee is harmful or beneficial.

Now, if you talk to my husband, he will tell you that my coffee addiction is harmful and just as bad as any other addiction. In his defense, I do have a mean caffeine addiction as a result of the copious amounts of coffee I down each day. I am averaging about six cups per day, and that is after I cut down. I am particularly fond of lattes, and often get Chai lattes with two shots of Espresso. Is it a problem, though?

According to the Washington Post article, the answer is a resounding no. The panel not only reassured the masses that it was perfectly fine to drink coffee, but they also encouraged them to drink more of it! As one might imagine, this was music to my ears. I can neither confirm, nor deny, any form of happy dance taking place after this news was received.

The nutrition panel stated the benefits associated with drinking between three and five cups of coffee per day. They stated that “consistent evidence indicates that coffee consumption is associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in healthy adults. . .protective association between coffee/caffeine intake and risk of Parkinson’s disease.” It did, however, warn against putting too much cream and sugar in these multiple cups of coffee, which is pretty much common sense. Calories abound, especially in those delicious flavored creamers. I have a mighty weakness for them, though I rarely use them. They are really high in calories and fat content!

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As one may assume, these findings are really exciting (and a bit of a victory, in regards to the ongoing debate with the husband) for myself and my fellow coffee addicts. Those of us who drink in between three and five cups, and perhaps a bit more (*sips coffee*) are all set. We’re well on our way to obtaining our superhero powers. Okay, maybe just better health. The average American, on the other hand, really needs to catch up. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the average American only has about one to two cups of a coffee day – mostly just one. How do you guys even function?

All I know is that this newfound information is one I am particularly excited about. It not only backs up my argument with my husband, but it gives me more excuses to take my coffee addiction to the next level. If you’re in the same boat as me (Why are you in my boat???), try taking your coffee addiction one step further: Try making the perfect glass of iced coffee.

What about you? Are you addicted to coffee? If so, how many cups do you usually have?

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