Super Smash Games: A Hidden Gem of an Arcade

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My iPod screen was cracked. hush

I’d been looking around for some LAN cafes (I really miss those) or gaming lounges in my area. I was really excited when I came across a listing for Super Smash Games in Tacoma, WA. I talked my friend into driving down there, and was glad he loved it as much as I did. (He mostly plays newer games, especially Destiny.)

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When you walk in, you come to face to face with a life-size statue of Master Chief (with a plush Pikachu sitting on his shoulders) the moment you walk in. All the walls are lined from ceiling to floor with games, collector items, gaming accessories (controllers, etc.), gaming guides, and more. It’s INCREDIBLE.

They had retro games, games that I haven’t played in YEARS (They had a Quake cartridge, guys!), as well as some newer games.
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They had tons of different game systems, even the Game Cube, which my friend and I had totally forgotten about. It just didn’t have much of an impression on us, I guess. They also had the original Nintendo, Sega Genesis (Still one of my favorite consoles), Dreamcasts, and more.

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Source: Super Smash Games

When you’re done taking it all in, you can go through to another door that leads to the Arcade.

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Source: Super Smash Games

Just walking through the door was an experience!! There were multitudes of arcade games, including Street Fighter, some retro games (of course), the Simpsons arcade game, Marvel v. Capcom, and a few Pinball games. They had tables set up in the back area of that, where it seemed you could hang out, drink some coffee (their page mentions beverages), and game.

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Source: Super Smash Games

Check out their Facebook page for more information!
I’m definitely going back soon.

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