Help Children and Soldiers: Donate Your Used Books!

Detroit's Mark Twain Library, pictured, was closed in 1996 for renovations and never reopened. what a damn shame, they could at least have packed the books off to other libraries or overseas to something like the African Library Project! It's a mystery to me as to why this was not done!

Libraries in every state, and every county, throw out thousands of books every single year. This is a necessary and important part of maintaining a healthy library. Throwing out a book is the very last step in the weeding process, but still a necessary one. How many people do YOU know that would want a manual for Windows 95? Yeah, I thought so. Unfortunately, this is what happens to the thousands upon thousands of books that are regularly donated to libraries over the years.

If you would like to donate books that you know are not outdated, but worry a library might discard, check out some of these other places that would greatly appreciate your donations:

Books for Soldiers: This organization was founded during the Gulf War, and allows users to sign into a database where they can receive requests from individual soldiers. The Books for Soldiers program allows you to send out books, games, and moves to U.S. troops stationed overseas.

Books for Africa: Since the organization first banded together in 1998, it has shipped over 24 million books to children and adults in 46 countries. They do have some restrictions, but they would be more than happy to accept your used books.

Kids Need to Read: Co-founded by Nathan Fillion, this is my absolute favorite charity. They have changed the lives of thousands of children, and are always grateful to receive new children’s books for use in their donations. They do ask you do not send questionable content and that the books not be visibly damaged or drawn upon.

Empower Orphans: Roughly 143 million children in the world are abandoned and/or orphaned. This is equivalent to HALF the US population. Empower Orphans asks for school supplies and books, including technical books for the older children seeking a vocation.


Where do YOU donate your used books?




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