5 Ways to Improve Your Life When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

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There are myriad reasons as to why one may find it difficult to do the things they need to do. It could be that they are lazy, or it could be that there is a mental health issue that is holding them back. If it’s the latter, I urge you to seek the help of a mental health professional. If it’s the former, just remember that being called “lazy” doesn’t mean that is who or what you are. That term doesn’t define you any more than your hair color does. (I do feel proud to be a redhead, though, and I’m pretty glad I’ve never dyed it. Not gonna lie.)

Regardless of what the reasoning behind the difficulty, read on for five simple ways to improve your life. . .Yes, you can do them tomorrow. 

#1: Wake Up Earlier

Now, before you start to click on a different page, let me just say that it’s not as bad as it sounds. I am most definitely NOT a morning person. I abhor mornings, and do all of my best work late at night. I have to drink copious amounts of coffee just to make it through my mornings. However, there is no denying the fact that waking up earlier has a wide array of benefits.

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You get more done, you have more energy, and it helps you to get a better night’s rest. Now, nobody is expecting you to go from waking up at 9 a.m. to suddenly waking up when that first obnoxious bird outside your window decides it’s time to get up. Setting your alarm back 15 minutes each day until you reach a reasonable time (Depending on your schedule, of course)  will help you make the transition slowly and effectively.

#2: Push Yourself

It doesn’t matter if it’s just making rounder pancakes than you did last time, or if it’s tackling a heavier workload than you did yesterday. No matter what the situation, always push yourself. You will start to motivate yourself to do more, and this will help with goal-setting and organization. Plus, who isn’t proud when they beat a personal record?

#3: Drink More Water

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Source: bestrongerthanyesterday.blogspot.com

Yes, yes. We’ve heard this time and time again. There’s a damn good reason for it, though. Drinking water has a long list of benefits, and will help you in both the long and short term. If you don’t really like the taste of it, add a bit of lemon or cucumber to it.

#4: Organize Your Week

This is an effective way to improve your life, and can be done every single day or just once a week. I like to plan out my next week every single Sunday. I go through what assignments I have to work on for my clients, I make a list of the household things I need to take care of, and I pencil in the friends I plan to hang out with. At the end of each day, I go over what I’ve done and what I have to do the next day.

Throughout the day: Whenever something new  comes up, add it to your planner and/or To-Do List. Being able to check things off will give you a great sense of accomplishment which, in turn, adds to your overall happiness and personal motivation.

#5: Go For A Walk

If you are able to, get outside for just thirty minutes each day. Not only does the sun (I hate sunshine, to be honest) provide plenty of benefits, but exercising for at least 30 minutes each day is recommended by numerous doctors and other medical experts.

I work from home, so I can get into a bit of a slump when I find myself sitting all day or for long periods of time. Walking the fifteen minutes to the coffee shop and back provides exercise, a need to put on something other than “around the house” clothes, and gives me some of that Vitamin D. Us redheads have to be particularly careful, but the sunshine can help improve your overall health.

These may be little things, but they end up making a big difference in your day-to-day life! Want to weigh in? Share your thoughts in the comments below!




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