Finding Love in Unlikely Places

The Top 3 Places I Have Found Literary Love

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I have been hoarding  collecting books since childhood, starting with the encyclopedias my grandparents had in their home. From there, I moved onto reading the copies of Reader’s Digest that my grandmother had in one of the guest rooms of their house. After that, I dove into fiction with a insatiable hunger that has still not been satisfied. Quite frankly, I doubt I will ever cease to hunger for new books to read, a fact that is perfectly fine with me. However, I do take steps to alleviate my hunger, at least for a few moments.

Over the years, while attempting to lessen those literary hunger pains, I have incorporated some found books into my collection. I have found books at bus stops, on the bus, on the Sprinter (A super fast train back in Cali), by dumpsters, on a coffee shop shelf, left behind in a bathroom, a whole plethora of other places.  I would generally expect the book to be a mediocre read, since it was *was* left behind. Sometimes, though, I would wonder if someone left it behind by accident because it just looked far too good to have been left on purpose. I have passed up a few of the books I have found, but I gave others a test run. Doing so is how I learned that it is quite possible to find love in unlikely places.

I found The Shining in a box of stuff left out on someone’s curb. The box read: FREE STUFF. BELONGS TO A CHEATING ASS. The book looked brand new and unread, and I figured that a bad person did not deserve a book in such nice condition. So, yes. I stole a book when I was eight. This decision lead to my life-long love of Stephen King, and was my first introduction into the world of horror.

Garden Spells was left in a hospital restroom. I used the restroom four times before my seeing the doctor, and that book had never budged. I figured it was lonely and needed a good home. Looking back, I still feel this was a sound decision.

On the Brightside, I’m Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God entered my life when I was sitting on the edging of a planter outside of an office building. It was just sitting in the dirt, waiting for some lucky to reader to come along and snatch it up. I don’t know why it was there, or why it was in the dirt, but I definitely felt that it didn’t belong there.

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Share some of the books you have found in strange places. I only listed my top three, but I have most definitely found some downright awful books. Still, I found love in unlikely places. Have you?

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  1. great read and very unique blog post. The “Cheating Ass” paragraph was my favourite part and found it funny 🙂

    You could say books are all written, but they all have a story of their own. Where they come from, How they got there, Where did this come from?


  2. I love finding random books. My absolute favorite was when I found a copy of Angels and Demons by Dan Brown in an abandoned tent in Iraq. I had never read Dan Brown before but became instantly hooked. I’ve read all of his books now and it all started with stumbling upon a treasure in literally the last place on Earth I expected. 🙂


  3. I’m really surprised at how many books you have found for free. I took part in World Book Night where you sign up to be a distributer and pick up a load of free copies of your fave book (I was lucky The Time Travellers Wife made the list) and then distribute them around town in cafe’s, parks, on buses etc. for people to find. It’s was brilliant!

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