“Where Do You Get Your Nerdy Clothes??”

The answer: All over!

One of the most frequent questions I receive is where I got X shirt, Y leggings, or Z jewelry. I get asked where I tend to shop, and what my favorite stores are. I always feel bad, because I don’t have just one or two set places that I got to the most. I don’t have any brand loyalty, and tend to forget to even keep track of which clothes are from which stores. As a girl, it can be hard to find nerdy clothing that A) Fits well B) Is not super thin, or C) Isn’t pink and glittery. This makes having a list of places that you CAN  find them very important!

With all that being said, I do have several places that I tend to scour and, when I have enough extra money, I buy something that strikes my fancy.

Target and Wal-Mart have reputations as being “cheap” or full of some pretty strange people. Well, whenever I need to get some cheap hand soap, or other household items, I find myself wandering on over to the clothing sections. That is where I got my Batman, Captain America, and Spider-Man shirts.

nerdy shirts, target, walmart
Target | Walmart | Target

I have been a HUGE fan of ThinkGeek‘s products for years. I have a full drawer of nerdy and geeky shirts, and the vast majority of them came from the ThinkGeek site. I even have a ThinkGeek sticker on my laptop! One of my favorite shirts from them is the Caffeine Molecule t-shirt.

thinkgeek, nerdy shirt, caffeine molecule
Showcasing my caffeine addiction!

Amazon has a vast array of nerdy and geeky shirts, and often for some excellent prices! My Spider-Man swimsuit came from there, and is one of my favorite purchases.

nerdy swimsuits, amazon, spider-man
Spider-Man forever. ❤

TeeFury is, by far, one of the best places to get nerdy and geeky shirts that you may not see everyone wearing. They have lots of exclusive offers with deadlines, which can be both exciting and frustrating at the same time. So worth it, though!

Redbubble is another fantastic site, and is where I got my favorite shirt in the entire world: My H.P. Lovecraft shirt! I have been madly in love with his writing since I was child, and I totally married him in past life. Yup. This is true. It’s cannon to my life. So, there.

hp lovecraft, nerdy shirts, redbubble
Lovin’ Lovecraft!

Finally, I get a lot of my shirts from thrift stores! I have found shirts ranging from Power Rangers to Super Girl to Bride of Frankenstein. It’s a great source of nerdy shirts (If you get lucky!) for a super cheap price.

nerdy shirts, thrift stores, power rangers, bride of frankenstein
I spent a total of $3 for both shirts.
Where do you get YOUR nerdy/geek shirts? “Like” and comment below if you also love collecting nerdy shirts from various places!

Alexia (2)



  1. I love your batman tea and the coffee molecule tee is cool. I get superhero tees from Primark (not sure what it’s called in America – it sells clothes and accessories really cheaply and it’s massive) and cult retro kids TV show tees Truffle Shuffle.com and charity shops are great.

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    • I’ve never found any at JC Penny, but I don’t go in that store often. I haven’t been in Hot Topic in quite some time, but I forgot to mention that as a great spot!

      xo, Alexia


  2. Black Milk Clothing are amazing for nerdy Lycra; leggings, dresses, jumpsuits. Seriously, their stuff is AHmazing! And I’m surprised you don’t have Hot Topic on your list. We don’t have them in England, which is probably a good thing cause I’m pretty sure I’d be spending ALL my money there all the time. I love Think Geek. That store has just about everything..

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    • I totally forgot about Hot Topic. I haven’t been in there in quite some time, and this was a list of the places – I – buy my shirts.
      It really does! ThinkGeek is awesome!

      xo, Alexia


  3. This is cool! The struggle is real for good geek girl tees. It really annoys me that they have to make the ‘Super’ logo pink if it’s for a girl. I hate pink. So thanks for this list of cool places to shop. 🙂 x

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  4. […] I got the Venom t-shirt at a thrift shop in Lompoc, California. However, you can find one on eBay for just under $12. The purse is Juicy Couture, and was a present a few years ago. The Spider-Man shirt is actually a swimsuit. It’s mentioned and linked to in this post. […]


  5. […] The jacket is pretty utilitarian, and can also be paired with numerous other outfits. The color isn’t loud, by any means, and looks warm enough for those colder days. The outfit is also a bit on the geeky side (Hence the beanie), which is definitely something I tend to reflect in my clothes. […]


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