Do You Remember Your First? I Still Do.

Doom: My First FPS PC Game

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I have always been a PC gamer, though I have had moments of weakness in which I just couldn’t resist the temptation of the nearest console. Those little affairs have been few and far between, though, and are not really part of my regular orientation. I’ve always been a mouse-and-keyboard gamer, starting with my first FPS PC game: Doom.

My stepmother had the game on her computer and, eventually, decided my little brother and I were already weird enough  mature enough to handle playing such a violent game without having night terrors focused on one-eyed demons and flaming skulls. From the very first moment I started playing, I was hooked. I still have plans to get IDDQD tattooed on my left wrist. Not only is it the “god mode” cheat from Doom, but it also has a bit of personal symbolism. This game is the one that sparked my self-identity as a gamer.

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From Doom, I moved on to playing Blakestone: Aliens of GoldWolfenstein 3D, and Unreal Tournament – among other games. This bunch is what really awakened my love of violent, FPS games. The more I get to bloody things up, and cause explosions, the happier I am. Not only does a good FPS game sesh take out my day’s frustrations in a healthy and safe (for me, at least) manner, but it also increases my spatial reasoning. This is clearly a slow improvement, though.

What was YOUR first FPS? If you don’t play that genre, what was the first title that really started your passion for gaming? Let me know in the comments below! xx

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