Bookworms Wear Heels, Too! 5 Tips For Walking In High Heels

V- LuxuryV-Luxury

For us bookish types, there are many types of high heels to choose from. Some of them have book prints on them, some are patterned, and some just go really well with your outfit. However, we’ve all had those moments when it feels like our feet are going to fall off from wearing our heels for so long. What about those of us bookish girls who can’t walk in heels? Fear not, newborn calves, there are some tips available:

1.       Never buy shoes that are the wrong size.

While this sounds pretty obvious, we’ve all had moments of weakness when it comes to a stunning pair of heels that was the wrong size. We’ve thought about cramming our feet into a smaller pair, or cramming tissue in the heel of a larger size.

However, if you want to wear heels without sacrificing your feet, always try them on in the shop and walk up and down (It doesn’t look as silly as you assume) the aisle. If they are not comfortable in that first ten seconds, they certainly will not be comfortable at the end of a long day or outing.

Shoes that are too big destroy your balance. Those that are too small will torture your feet and make you fall. It’s hard to not get emotionally attached to a super cute pair of heels, but your feet depend on it.


2.       Work your way up.

If you’re unable to maintain your balance in those to-die-for heels, try something a bit more in the way of a kitten heel than a pair of those skyscrapers that we all fawn over.

Heel height, thickness, and shape should all be taken into account. Thick stack heels are far easier to get the hang of walking in than stilettos. The more surface area making contact with the floor, the better your weight will be distributed. If the pair you choose requires you to be on your toes, they are not for beginners.

Straps and material should also be taken into account. If the whole shoe is kept on your feet by a thick bar or ankle strap, you have far less to worry about than a pair without any security. You don’t need to be pulling a Cinderella. Try some kitten heels to start out with.

3.       Break your shoes in.

Always, always, always break in a new pair of shoes before taking them out for any sort of occasion. If your long day is the first time you’ve worn them, you’re going to be in for a world of hurt. Instead, take that shiny new pair out of the box when you get home, and wear them around your house for a bit. Do this several times for a few days before taking them out on the town. Your feet will thank you.

Charlotte OlympiaCharlotte Olympia

4.       Learn to walk properly in your heels.

Always walk heel to toe, rather than trying to totter forwards on the balls of your feet. Doing so will look far more elegant, and put less strain on your delicate ankles. Add a bit of sass to your gait by imagining a line on the floor, and try to put both feet on it as you walk. This will help you swing your hips, but be careful to not overdo it.

Take breaks when you can. If there is a seat available, take it. If you find you have to stand in line, or if there are no available seats, stand still. Don’t stand on your heels or tip-toes, don’t shift your weight. If you are going to be standing awhile, don’t hesitate to take off your shoes. Nobody will care, and other women will understand.


5.       Have a Plan B.

Many stores sell tiny folding flats that can easily be stashed in a clutch for the walk up to the building or party. It will also give you an escape when and if your feet start to scream. It’s as smart as carrying extra cash in your bra, just in case you drink too much and need to take a taxi.

What are YOUR tips for walking in high heels? Do you have a favorite brand? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I bought a pair of block heels that are too big for when my feet swell in summer but when they are normal size, the shoes really throw off my balance as you say – oops! Great tips there chick. I’ll try the walking one, as I’m just all over the pavement lol


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